Creating Beautiful Rooftop Environments2022-04-02T21:20:36-04:00

Creating Beautiful Rooftop Environments

The Bison Rooftop Deck System offers tremendous design flexibility, making it easy to create unique and memorable rooftop living spaces.

For more than 25 years, Bison has been the industry leader in the design and manufacture of pedestals and hardwood deck tiles. Their modular pedestal deck system allows you to easily install rooftop decks quickly, without causing damage to expensive roofing systems.


  • Versatility – Providing a unique and viable alternative to traditional decking methods and materials, Bison’s adjustable pedestal deck systems are exceptionally versatile. Install them over any structural surface – on rooftop decks, pool surrounds, inside water features or between green roof areas.
  • Durability & Low Maintenance Commercial grade Bison products are a low-maintenance and long-lasting decking solution. They provide warmth and are weather resistant. Engineered with patented features designed to improve performance and stability, the Rooftop Deck System installs quickly and securely.
  • A Variety of Design Options Bison products can help you to create level rooftop decks over top of sloped surfaces, and support a variety of surface materials including wood, stone, structural porcelain, crushed rock, grating, artificial turf and more.

Create your own beautiful rooftop environment!

Add architectural charm to your rooftop deck with Bison Innovation Products.

How many pedestals do I need?2022-04-02T21:07:55-04:00

To know the number of pedestals you’ll need, count the number of tiles you will install across the length and width of the space, and add one to each of these numbers. Multiply these numbers together to get the pedestals you’ll need. For example, if your design is 5 tiles long x 4 tiles wide, you’ll need 30 pedestals.

How do I correct for sloped surfaces?2022-04-02T21:08:28-04:00

Bison pedestals are available in three styles, including Versadjust adjustable deck supports. With an adjustable height from 2 ¼ to 36 inches, Versadjust deck pedestals provide support for virtually any situation. With built-in slope base compensation, Bison Versajust pedestals can be adjusted on the fly, tool-free for height and slope.

What are Bison Pedestals, and how can I use them?2022-04-02T21:10:52-04:00

Bison pedestals are a commercial-grade, low-maintenance, and long-lasting decking solution. Designed with a broad footprint, the pedestals offer outstanding stability on any surface. The Bison pedestal system makes it possible to create level rooftop decks and gardens, even on sloped surfaces. Pedestals are used for a variety of surfaces when sophisticated, commercial-grade decking is required.

Bison Pedestals are manufactured with 20% post-industrial materials and have patented features that improve functionality and stability. Their modular pedestal system allows you to install rooftops quickly, without causing damage to expensive roofing systems.

With impressive load-bearing strength, Bison pedestals can support various surface materials in a variety of projects ranging from driveways, walkways, decks and patios to rooftop applications like rooftop decks and green roofs.

Which Bison Pedestal will I need for my project?2022-04-02T21:11:38-04:00

Selecting the ideal Bison Pedestal for your project largely depends on the flexibility of the component and its functionality alongside your project. Bison pedestals come in three types: fixed height, adjustable and stackable. Perfect for both contractors and DIY’ers, Bison pedestals are easy to use in a wide range of applications.

With this in mind, compatibility with the project must be considered before choosing a pedestal. Luckily, all types are quick and easy to install without causing damage to your underlying surface, including expensive roofing systems. All are weather-resistant alternatives to wood, and all are fitted with patented features designed to improve stability and performance.

For whichever project you have, the Bison Pedestal System has opened a world of design possibilities and is sure to deliver smart and creative solutions.

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