Design a WOOF Deck for the Canine in Your Life

You’ve heard of designer dog houses, but what about a WOOF deck? Taking canine comforts to a whole new level, woof decks are growing in popularity throughout North America. 

Most pet owners consider their pets family members. When purchasing a new home, and increasingly, when planning renovations, pet needs are a consideration. 

Initially, woof decks were a clever addition to condo buildings and hotels, providing pet-friendly features to attract clients. Even apartment buildings are getting in on the fun and reaping the benefits. 

The benefits are many. For hotels, pet owners are willing to stay longer and pay more for a pet-friendly spot. Property managers and condo associations are finding that features like a pet-friendly rooftop deck or a “woof deck” encourage more responsible pet ownership.

Adding a woof deck makes both canines and their owners happy. Dogs have a safe place to play & socialize, while their humans get to enjoy having a convenient place to take their pet for recreation and relief. 

Pets and their owners get to enjoy other benefits too. They can take their dog out to play without even leaving the building. Access is secure, and their dog has a safe spot to play without fear of vehicles. These spaces are clean and friendly, allowing both canines and humans to socialize. Surfaces are easier on the dog’s paws, and the location could not be more convenient. 

Bison pedestals are the ideal tool to facilitate a woof deck. Engineered to offer tremendous design flexibility, the Bison rooftop deck system makes it easy to create unique and memorable rooftop living spaces. 

When designing a woof deck with a pedestal system, the sky’s the limit. Not limited to new construction projects, pedestals can be used to renovate an underused rooftop space with ease. Pedestals cause no damage to roofing membranes and can even help extend your roof’s lifespan. From rooftop decks and patios to green roofs and, yes, woof decks, pedestals are the best and easiest way to expand your outdoor living space upwards. 

Features to Consider When Designing a Woof Deck

When designing a woof deck, you’ll want to make it a place that is both functional and fun for your canine visitors. For Fido’s fun, consider a walking area, off-leash area, pet relief area and maybe even an obstacle course. Porcelain tile is an excellent surfacing material thanks to its durability, ease of cleaning and hygienic properties. Functionally, you’ll want a washing station and a way to clean up the pet relief area. Consider synthetic turf in select spaces for additional texture and play areas. 

On the topic of washing things down. Pedestal systems offer perfect drainage, ensuring you won’t be left to deal with rooftop puddles or slippery spaces. Water simply drains between the tiles into the rooftop drains hidden below. Since rooftops are typically sloped for drainage, you’ll want to use Bison’s adjustable pedestals to correct for slope. 

For humans, you’ll want to include rest & socialization areas, a bbq area and sunshades. By adding Bison tiles, you can turn part of your rooftop environment into a green roof to enhance the ambience and add insulation to the property, reducing the building’s energy consumption. 

When you’re designing any kind of rooftop deck or patio, Canadian Pedestal Systems can help. We offer competitive pricing and technical support and can help you bring your WOOF Deck ideas to life. Reach out to us with any questions, and we can help you select the right products for the task.