Bison IPE wood deck tiles are an excellent way to modernize your deck while retaining the traditional look and feel of wood. They’re also a great way to construct a green roof or rooftop garden. 

IPE, sometimes known as Ironwood or Brazilian Walnut, IPE is a very dense tropical hardwood with a straight grain. For wood deck tile purposes, the heartwood of IPE is used. IPE (pronounced ee-pay) is the longest-lasting outdoor wood, lasting as long as 75 years.

For those with older-style wood decks, sanding, staining and sealing your deck every couple of years is something you’re used to. After all, you need to do everything possible with a pressure-treated lumber deck to squeeze a couple of extra years out of it. While durability is not an issue, Bison IPE wood tiles can also be stained to update their good looks. Here are a few tips to help you stain your IPE wood tiles to give your pedestal deck a fresh new look.

  1. Before staining your IPE wood deck tiles, clean them first. Just use a broom and give them a light mopping and allow some time for them to dry before moving to the next step. Depending on the amount of humidity and sunshine where you live, this could take 24-72 hours.
  2. Give your wood tiles a light sanding to remove any scuffs or stains. A pole sander should be enough if your IPE tiles are in good condition. If your tiles are weather-aged or have deep scratches, a high-powered floor sander might be needed to bring your wood tiles back to where they should be and prepare them for the stain. Afterwards, thoroughly brush away any dust and debris and make sure none has landed between the planks.
  3. Apply your stain onto the Bison IPE wood deck tiles using a roller, sprayer or rubbing it into the wood with a cloth. Each of these methods will work just fine. It comes down to your preferred method and the square footage of your project. If your decking covers a large area, you may find that spraying the stain is an easier and faster method. However, in some situations, spraying may not be ideal. 
  4. Pay close attention to all surfaces, especially the small areas visible through the cracks. Inspect your work from all angles and take a brush to touch up spots you may have missed. You can also spray the stain onto the backside of your tiles before beginning with the deck-surface side. 
  5. Do not oversaturate your wood tiles with stain. After 24 hours, look for any small puddles of excess stain, and blot them with an old towel or rag to remove them. Afterwards, allow an additional 24-48 hours of drying time before returning your furniture and other items to the deck. 

IPE wood deck tiles, like the ones from Bison, are rated to last a minimum of 25 years or much longer and are naturally resistant to insects, rot and fungus without the need for insecticides or chemicals. Its smooth, splinter-free surfaces make IPE ideal for surfaces like decks where people may walk barefoot. Not only is IPE extremely attractive, but it also air-dries quickly and maintains its structural integrity. 

For nearly 30 years, Bison has been the industry leader in designing and manufacturing pedestal systems and hardwood deck tiles. With Bison’s modular pedestal decking system and IPE wood tiles, you can easily install a rooftop deck quickly without causing damage to expensive roofing systems. Create a beautiful rooftop deck or garden today and learn more at Canadian Pedestal Systems.