As the population grows in urban areas, there has been more talk and effort to build sustainable rooftop decks and attractive gardens on top of city structures. 

While this trend is increasing throughout large, highly populated cities, it is not limited to commercial buildings. Recent innovations in the hardscaping construction industry have provided easy, affordable solutions for residential customers to construct their own rooftop decks. Now, sustainable rooftop gardens are accessible to nearly anyone, even those with sloped roofs on their homes. 

Once considered an unthinkable project for most homeowners, pedestal systems are now making these projects relatively straightforward. Opening a world of possibilities, pedestal systems allow you to redefine your outdoor living space.

Building a Sustainable Rooftop Garden or Deck

Designing a sustainable rooftop garden or deck is easier than you might think. When using a pedestal system to construct it, you’ll benefit in a variety of ways. This extra layer installed on top of your existing roof shades and insulates your home, decreasing your home’s energy consumption and, subsequently, heating and cooling bills. A rooftop garden can also help to improve a city’s stormwater management efforts while counteracting some of the adverse effects of urban development. A rooftop garden will also benefit birds and other wildlife while doing some good for your local community.

The Benefits of a Rooftop Deck or Garden

While the neighbours are sure to be envious of your excellent view and beautiful outdoor living space, a rooftop deck or garden offers numerous benefits.

  • A rooftop deck can provide you with a great entertaining space or simply give your family the extra room they need to spread out. 
  • A rooftop garden is not only a pleasure, but it can provide your family with space to grow your own food. 
  • The insulating effects of a rooftop deck or garden will also reduce the noise entering your home from the streets, adding tranquillity to your indoor living space. 

When constructing your rooftop deck or garden with a pedestal system, there is an assortment of advantages you’ll also enjoy:

  • Exceptional design flexibility, making it easy to create unique and memorable rooftop living spaces.
  • This tile and pedestal combination allows for easy access to the systems below.
  • Adjustable pedestals, combined with wood or porcelain tiles, can support the heavyweight of soil trays and their contents while creating natural drainage.

Will a Rooftop Deck or Garden Damage my Roof?

It’s easy to assume that affixing something to your roof might damage it. A rooftop deck or garden built with a pedestal system protects your roof below. It also provides shelter from the elements, extending its lifespan. No damage occurs because pedestals are not fastened to your roof with nails or screws. Should you need to access your roof or any systems running across it like irrigation, plumbing, or electrical, simply lift a tile for quick and easy access on demand. 

When you want to improve your space, consider building upwards. Innovative rooftop decks or gardens are an affordable way to make good use of wasted space and enhance your outdoor living space, adding value to your home at the same time. 

Create Your Own Beautiful Rooftop Environment!

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